Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Fans Questions 101

Hello Redskins Fans,

Here are some questions that where sent to me by fans who visited my website www.Predator48.com. Keep the questions coming and I will do my best to answer them.

What advice would you give to a high school athlete who is getting ready to start college?

Going from high school to college you need to learn how to handle football, school, and your social life. Now that you are away from your parents you have a lot more free time. You can do basically what you want. Learn how to manage those three aspects effectively, and of course work to be successful on the football field.

How did you manage going to school, playing football, spending time with your family, and your social life?

What helped me was that I knew exactly what I wanted in life. I had a goal I was working towards. I know that you can't have one without the other. For example, if you don't go to class and make the grades to stay in college, there isn't a football life because you won't be eligible, and there isn't a social life because no one is going to want to hang out with someone that's not doing well. If you can make good grades, stay on the football team, balance the family life, you will be able to go out and have good time because you have your life priorities in line.

How has the transition from living in the sun your whole life to moving to the cold temperatures in Washington D.C.?

I am still adjusting to the weather here. The experience of growing up in a region where I was in the warm sun everyday, and could go to the beach year round, to stepping out into the freezing cold weather here has been different to say the least. I actually need to go buy a winter coat before I get sick!

What routines or habits do you complete before games?

Before a game I like to sleep as much as possible. Also, I always eat the same thing: chicken and pasta with red meat sauce. As far as pre-game music goes, I listen to everything from rock, heavy metal, rap, to just a little bit of everything. For morning games, I try and listen to something a little slower and then transition into something that is going to get me pumped up to make plays.

Thanks fans! GO 'SKINS!

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DUPA said...

HORTONNNNNNN!!!! Great answers to these questions! Hey man, I hope you stay here for a long time, so go get yourself a biiiiig winter coat buddy!

As for the music, I listen to a lot of variety, especially when working out. Don't know if you have this song on your sound tracks but everytime it comes on, it pumps me up beyond belief and makes me want to go out again and hit someone (in football, not fighting)... or if i'm in the weight room, makes me attack the weights real hard. The song is by RAGE Against The Machine, "KILLING IN THE NAME OF"... ohhhh man, that makes me want to go out right now!!!!

Also, "Bring Me To Life" by Evanesance gets me going too.

Chris (White Plains) B-day (12-29-81)lol