Friday, December 12, 2008

Got to get it done!

Hello Predator48 fans, Washington Redskins fans, and those who just want to check out the Chris Horton Daily Life. Currently I am hanging out and getting ready for a big game against the Bengals. I wanted to take a moment to touch base with my readers, and answer some fan questions.

Basically what happened with the shoulder was that I tweaked it a little bit. I am continuing rehab so I can get it back to where it needs to be for the game. I would call my injury a sprained shoulder, and not a stinger. As of right now, my goal is to play. Unless the training staff and coaching staff have other plans for me, I am definitely going to play.

We have one plan this week and that is to do whatever it takes to win. The approach we are taking is that we only have one game the schedule right now and that is against the Bengals. As a team, we are going to play better defense, better offense, and pick up our special teams game. We are going to play the way we started this season: at a high tempo while trying to create turnovers.

The team’s morale is fine after last week’s loss. Our number one goal is still to make the playoffs but we are taking things one game at a time. Our defense doesn’t have one main focus this week because of the explosive players the Bengals have on offense like Chad Johnson, TJ, Coldwell, Hearing, and Cedric Benson. Our goal is to come out not let anyone go off. We need to stop them all.

Chris Horton - Predator 48


Kyu Kim said...

GO get em!

Shawn said...

hit em hard man!

Emerson said...

Hope the rehab on the shoulder goes well. As a fan, I am real excited to see you on this team. Your wise beyond your years and expect some big things from you. Stay healthy and lower the other shoulder!

skinsgirl2126 said...

Damn pissed you aren't playin today! Get healthy so you can dominate the eagles game!