Tuesday, December 7, 2010


It’s a transitional time for Chris, and part of that transition came in the form of a haircut a couple weeks ago. That’s right, Predator fans. Chris’s signature dreads hit the floor recently, and he had this to say about it:

“Well it's been a long time coming for the hair. Every year I tell myself I would cut it but never followed through. But when the season started this year, I told myself I would cut it at the end of the season. Well my season ended early, so I cut it. Just wanted some change.”

With the change this time of transition has become a time of transformation for the Predator. What will this mean for Chris going forward? Only time will tell, but fans can be assured that when the Predator returns to the gridiron, healthy and with his new look, his ball-hawking hunter mentality is unlikely to change.
Chris also went on to say that he is “really loving the new look now.”


Anonymous said...

Does this mean that we have to find another nickname for you?

nikki d said...

imma need to see a head shot sir! lol

Anonymous said...

Chris...anyway you can donate dreads?

Anonymous said...

Hi, i just want to say hello to the community

Brad said...

Articles like this make life so much simpler