Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Chris's comments in March

On the competition at safety:

Horton: "I'm competing with all of those guys, Kareem (Moore), Reed (Doughty). I even compete with LaRon (Landry) and I don't even play his position, but you just never know how things are going to go. I just look at it as show up every day and put forth your best effort."

On what he had to do today:

Horton: "Today was fairly easy. You come in, they test your measurements on stretching. Then you do the treadmill run."

On what he has done this off season:

Horton: "I spent a lot of time on the west coast, around UCLA. I can't get enough of that place. I did spend a couple weeks back in New Orleans. I just hung out with my family. I'm not really a guy into big trips and doing all that stuff, at least not yet."

On what he personally needs to improve on to become better:

Horton: "I still think there are some things that I need to get better at in the film room. I need to look at myself from last year and do a self evaluation and figure out where I went wrong in certain games. How could I have done certain things better? I just want to get my physical strength up and just stay healthy."

Chris comments on his Performance based bonus:

So does this bonus make up for the hundred thousand dollars Randy Thomas lied to you about during the season?

Horton: "Definitely. I think that was more than I made the whole year, so I'm still smiling. I haven't even put it in the bank yet, I just go to my place and I look at it. Wow. That's a lot of money."

Is this a Rickey Henderson thing? Are you just going to frame the check instead of taking it to the bank?

Horton: "Mine is going to the bank pretty soon, I just haven't had time."

Any particular plans for the money?

Horton: "I'm not really a big spender. I'm going to sit down and think – what do I need, what do I want? Randy [Thomas] is clowning my car. He's always clowning my car. I think I have a pretty nice car and he just clowns: 'I think you need you need a new car and you have the money to go do it.'

"No I don't. I'm probably just going to save it for right now."

What do you drive?

Horton: "A 2001 Monte Carlo. It's nice, it's in good shape."

So did you even think about Randy's prank when you got this check?

Horton: "I didn't think about that, but every time I see Randy I know not to listen to him because he always has some tricks up his sleeves.

"When I did get the check he said, 'I told you that you were going to get that check.'

"Come on. That's not the same check that you were talking about. We were talking about a check earlier in the year. But it's definitely a good feeling.

"I'm sure a lot of guys around the league who are in my position, who got to play a lot, they're all smiling now."

(Special thanks to Redskins.com for quotes)