Sunday, December 7, 2008

This week vs Baltimore

What up Predator 48 and Washington Redskins fans today is Saturday December 6th. This week we are facing the Baltimore Ravens which is a must win situation for us. We are trying to get where we need to be which, is the playoffs, so everything from this point on is basically a playoff game in my eyes. We have to win. Defensively to give our team a chance to win we have to create turnovers, give our offense the short field, and try to score on defense. We need to force the Ravens offense to punt from deep in their territory and take advantage of their mistakes. I am not going to go out there and tell you our specific defensive schemes, but I will tell you that against Flacco the Washington Redskins are going to play our game and were going to put the best plan to beat the Ravens. I also can't tell you where I will be lining up whether it be close to the line of not, but I have been up close all year so I wouldn't expect anything different. Hopefully you will see me blitzing or you might not, there have been some games where I haven't blitzed once; all I know is that when I get that call from the defensive coordinator I have to be ready to do my assignment.

When looking at the three Ravens running backs they are great compliments to each other and have completely different running styles. Rice has that speed and can get outside, McGahee can get outside but also run in the middle, and McClain is a straight downhill runner; so watching film as a player we have to prepare for everything and be ready for all three of their styles.

Last week we went up against a great trio of running backs and I had 11 total tackles. Basically what it came down to is that I like to hunt, I like to get after people, and I like to run. When your watching film of me you will notice one thing, I am always running to the ball. Against the Giants there were just several times where the ball came my way and I knew that I had to make this tackle to help my team win the game. I just wanted to let the fans know that I am looking forward to having another big game this week and doing everything I can to get a W.


DUPA said...

Hey man... Saw you on the Special Teams hurt your shoulder... immediately, it looked like you had a stinger, but I haven't been able to watch it on TIVO yet, hopefully you feel better. I was right there behind you guys the whole time and braved the cold, and the harsh Ravens fans comments too. Before you got here, my 2 favorite Skins were, Moss and S.T. Now it is definitely YOU and MOSS! We got the same B-day... (got jipped around christmas time every year) and I love your style of play. I don't know your work ethic yet for the off-season, but if it is great, you could be one of the best like S.T., Reed, Polomalu.... work hard and The BEST OF LUCK! I'll be behind you the whole time you are here.

skinsgirl2126 said...

Yo Horton, rough game against the ratbirds on Sunday, but I'm slowly puttin it behind me and I'm gettin excited to watch y'all just completely dominate the bengals. Please just slam ocho stinko down hard and shake his punkass up.

Anyway, it's awesome you've got this blog now so we can get to know ya in DC off the field. Lookin forward to reading your blog the rest of the season.

Oh, and thanks for bein such a beast, it's so much fun to watch you on the field slammin the hell outa people, keep it up Predator!


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