Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Season in Review

What’s up Washington Redskin and Predator48 fans! This is Chris Horton blogging in my hometown of New Orleans, Louisiana. This blog is somewhat special because it is my year ending summary, and every question is derived from you, my fans.

Chris being an overlooked 7th round draft pick, can you give us a summary of your expectations coming into this year?
I definitely exceeded my expectations by a long shot. My first priority was to make the team and maybe play special teams. Due to some injuries, I was able to not only play, but make an impact early. When the starting position became available I became determined to make the most out of the opportunity. The ability to excel in the Redskins defense came from the football knowledge I have acquired over the years, and from working hard to obtain the ability to adapt to the defensive scheme.

Chris what is it like to be a starting rookie in the NFL?
Being able to start as a rookie in the NFL is an enormous honor and accomplishment. Starting in the secondary is even more difficult because of the numerous composure issues that arise. Maintaining a mentality of giving 110% on every single play made it easier for me to accept the fact that I wasn’t going to make every play. I feel extremely honored to be a part of the Washington Redskins organization.

Do you think that you should have made the pro bowl or defensive rookie of the year?
I don’t know how the pro bowl voting and picks go, but if it is determined by your level of play compared to other guys, I definitely think I should have been in the mix. I have an immense amount of respect for Adrian Wilson. Adrian has put his time in, and continually proven that he is a top safety. I think that I could have been an alternate for the pro bowl, or in consideration for defensive rookie of the year. However, that has never been my concern. My focus this year was going out there, getting my feet wet, and showing the league that I can play.

Watching you play is truly exciting, have you always played with that predator like instinct/style, and where did you get it?
Since I started at age 5 I have always played with a sense of urgency. One of my nicknames that I took on around 6 or 7 was Hard Head Horton. I believe that football can only be played one way: physically. If you can’t play physically then you shouldn’t be playing this game. I love playing football and testing myself every time I play.

When looking back on the Redskins this year how do you think that the team did?
Have you guys talked as a team about this season and/or talked at all about next season?

As a team I believe that we started the season off well and did some great things. I have never been apart of a winning team and it kills me to see how the second half ended. It makes me sick to go from such a high at the beginning of the season to ending our season the way we did. Our organization needs to go back as a team including players and coaches to make improvements both individually and collectively. Looking forward, we are going to take everything that we did positively and carry that into next year.

Have you talked to the Redskins organization about restructuring your contract?

I haven’t heard anything about that and I am not in the realm of restructuring contracts. I am more focused on building upon the great year I just had, and improving every facet of my game this off-season. Of course I would like a new deal, but that is for my management and the Redskins to discuss.

Are you going to be participating in any upcoming autograph signings?

I would definitely be willing to do some autograph sessions during the off season if my fans are interested. I have to talk to my marketing guy and the Redskins organization to see what off-season (activities/festivities) are going on. I would love to sign autographs for all of my Predator48 & Washington Redskin fans.

What are your plans for the off-season? Are you going to be in Washington, New Orleans, and/or LA?

My plans for this off-season consist of coming home to New Orleans, eating some home cooked food, and relaxing. I am going to hang out with my family for a while because I did not get the opportunity to spend much time with them during the season. I am also going to head out to LA for a while and hang out with some friends. I may also take a few small vacations. Other than that, I am going to sit back, review my year, and work towards getting better for next season.

What is going to happen during the off season in regards to your website?

I am going to definitely continue with the Blogs, which will now focus on my life outside of the NFL season. I am also going to try and get some raffles going because I have a bunch of gloves from various games as well as couple of game cleats that I want to autograph for my fans. I will also start video bogging sometime this off-season!

I want to also take this opportunity to thank my fans and supporters. You have been amazing this year and have made me feel welcome in my new home. Remember to keep checking in on my site as I will be posting new things periodically.