Thursday, December 2, 2010

Chris the Gamer

As Chris dedicates his time now to rehabilitating his ankle injury, he would like to hear from his fans about a very important subject to him. As you may already know, Chris loves video games, and considers himself an avid gamer. When he gets free leisure time, Chris can be found in front of his Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii playing today’s hottest games.

So now he wants to hear from you! What are your favorite games out there in the gamer-verse right now? Chris would like to hear your reviews on one of the newest games on the market, EA Sports Active NFL Training Camp. In this game, users can run through a football-based training program that simulates the football drills and conditioning workouts of an NFL training camp. Developed in collaboration with NFL strength and conditioning coaches, users can experience the thrill of competition while challenging friends and family in authentic NFL football drills. It includes Total Body Tracking with a heart rate monitor and wireless motion tracking that delivers an accurate, challenging workout with measurable results. Users can also track and share training results via the EA SPORTS Active online hub.

Chris would like to hear what you have to say about it!

1 comment:

Scorpio said...

I would say keep it old school and do the uo thing, but for new games gatta try black ops, or halo reach.