Tuesday, November 16, 2010


The Redskins placed Chris on Injured Reserve last week, cutting short what was shaping up to be a promising season for the Predator, his third in the NFL. Injured Reserve (IR) is a list of players who have been sidelined for the season due to an injury. Teams will place a player on the IR when they wish to keep him on the team without having to replace him to fill his spot on the depth chart. NFL teams are allowed 53 spots on the active roster.

The loss of Chris comes as a big blow to the Redskins’ secondary, for a team that’s ranked 31st in the league in passing yards allowed per game. Every man is valuable at this crucial point of the season, and losing a good talent like Chris to injury is never good. Chris will now focus on rehabilitating his injury in order to come back strong and healthy next year, and help the Redskins achieve their ultimate goal of winning a championship.


demetrius said...

Man don't trip just come back hitting harder that's all diehard skins fan for life

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