Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Redskins Fans Questions

Hey All,

Here are some questions that some of the Redskins fans sent me last week. If you want me to answer your question, just go on to my website www.Predator48.com and click on contact link and send me your question and I will try and answer it.

Fan question #1: What do you do at home to relax?
Well, my favorite thing to do is pull out the XBOX360, get on the sticks and play my favorite game Halo . I have to let my teammates know that I am the best. Every opportunity I get, I call up my teammate Kareem Moore and play Halo. When I was in college, I used to spend hours playing Halo, but I have just started to play Madden. Now, I go back and forth between the two. For all the guys who think they can compete in a game of Halo or want to play a game of Madden, my gamer tag is D5block.

Fan question#2: Who was my favorite team before I enter the NFL?
When I first started watching football my favorite NFL team was the Buffalo Bills. I remember 1992 when Buffalo played the Dallas Cowboys and lost 52-17 in the Super Bowl, I will never forget the score. My brother is a huge Cowboys fan and I am a Bills fan, I don’t think my brother will ever let me forget 1992.

Fan question #3: What is my favorite memory as a Redskin so far?
My favorite memory thus far was going out that first game and not knowing I was going to start. I was put in the game because my teammate was sick. I had that kind of special game against my hometown team, and it was amazing. It was exciting to get all those emails, texts, and phone calls asking why I had to do the hometown team like that.

Fan question #5: What has been your favorite moment throughout your career?
My favorite moment in my entire career as a football player was that first Preseason Hall of Fame game. It has been my life’s goal to play in the uniform of a NFL team. I am truly blessed to be a Washington Redskin where our fans are the best and the organization is first class.

Thanks to the Washington Redskin fans and the Chris Horton fans for supporting the website. I look forward to hearing your questions next week. GO ‘SKINS!

Friday, November 21, 2008

In the Apt.

I hope all my Predator48 fans are doing well today. This is Chris Horton coming to you live from my apartment in Ashburn, VA. This week I wanted to take a different direction with the blog and talk to my fans about my transition from college to the NFL. The biggest difference between college and the NFL for me has been the amount of time I spend at the Redskins facility. I don’t have to deal with school anymore, so the time I used to spend in class is now spent studying film. The only noticeable change on the field is the speed of the game. Besides that, football is football. What has helped me the most from being a 7th round draft pick to becoming a starter for the Redskins has been to continue to go out and give it everything I have on each and every play. Coming into the NFL, being a 7th round draft pick, I didn’t know what the team had in store for me, but I was given the opportunity to play early and I am making the best of it.

To all those college athletes out there, I want to let you know what the most successful tools were for me in college: listening to my coaches, doing things the way they told me to, and putting in that extra effort in the weight room and on the practice field. The advice I would offer to someone coming out of college would be to not worry about your draft number or round. If every scout passed you up, don’t worry about it. All that stuff will take care of itself as long you give it your all when you get that opportunity on pro day, and in camp. The rest will work itself out.

Thanks to the Washington Redskin fans and the Chris Horton fans for supporting the website. I look forward to hearing your questions next week. GO ‘SKINS!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday November 14th

Phone Interview with the Predator Chris Horton:

First off Chris I want to thank you for your time. Browsing your website I see that you just posted a brand new Limited Edition Predator48 Shirt, tell me about the design…

Well, I think that the whole idea was that something that gave me the name Predator and I just took the name and ran with it, the design of the shirt I just wanted to incorporate my name, face, and number.. and I think they did a great job

That’s great Chris your shirt looks awesome. Well lets get into the questions.

Chris being that this is your rookie season and you already had 9 games, which is basically a full college season. How are you mentally and physically holding up?

Mentally I am doing great.. physically I have had some nicks and bruises but it comes with playing football

Great well that’s good to hear…

So how was your buy week, did you relax, do anything interesting?

Yes, my bye week was great, I went down to NFL Network and took care of some things…got to hang out in LA.. hang out with some friends and check out the UCLA football game

Looking ahead to Sunday, what thoughts are running through your head about your game with the Cowboys?

It’s a division opponent I know it’s going to be a physical game and I am just getting ready..I have to put on my big boy pads and go win a game

Do you have any specific goals?

Number one to win .. whether it be by one or two point .. it doesn’t matter just to win.. for myself to just come out and try to have a perfect game

Does the defense have any priorities?

The number 1 priority is to get off the field and give the ball back to the offense…we know that when we are off the field the offense has more of a chance to score and for us to win the game

Are you extra excited seeing as you are playing a huge division rival and in your first meeting with the Cowboys you had a huge interception and a couple of big hits…

I’m excited more because I get the chance to go show what I can do and it is the Dallas Cowboys a huge rivalry game.. It’s just a chance to strap the pads on again and show everybody what I can do.

Awesome well I know all of your fans are excited and eager to read your weekly blog .. It is also special that you will be answering a couple of fan questions or two every week so lets get into that …

Growing up did you have any specific idols, CB, Safety, or LB idols?

Definitely my biggest idols are Ronnie Lott and Steve Atwater. I just love the way they played the game.

The consensus of Redskins nation is that everybody would have loved to see you play with Sean Taylor. Did you look up to him, and would you have loved to play with him seeing as both of you have such a desire and passion for the game?

It would have been an honor to play with Sean Taylor .. Because he was one of the best safeties out there and I could of learned a lot from him.. I respected him a lot and it would have been great to play with him had I been given the chance.

Well Chris I want to thank you for your time, us redskins fans wish you the best of luck and lets go kill them cowboys…

***Fans remember if you want your questions answered by Chris, make sure you go to www.Predator48.com and click on comments so we can have Chris answer your questions.

Friday, November 7, 2008

November 7th

Welcome to Predator48.com the Official Website of Chris Horton.

First I want to thank you for checking out my new website. Predator48.com will be your portal to find out everything you need to know about me, Chris Horton. As most of you know this is my rookie season and 9 weeks into the season I am excited about the Redskins season so far. We have a bye week so I have this weekend off, so I am going to be featured on a couple of TV shows.

Today, Friday November 7th I am going to be on NFL network so make sure to check me out. Saturday, November 8th I will be on the pre-game show for the UCLA game against Oregon State. Make sure you watch these shows and represent me and my college UCLA!!

Keep checking in every week for updates and new blog posts about my personal life, upcoming games, and other interesting stories.