Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Redskins Fans Questions

Hey All,

Here are some questions that some of the Redskins fans sent me last week. If you want me to answer your question, just go on to my website www.Predator48.com and click on contact link and send me your question and I will try and answer it.

Fan question #1: What do you do at home to relax?
Well, my favorite thing to do is pull out the XBOX360, get on the sticks and play my favorite game Halo . I have to let my teammates know that I am the best. Every opportunity I get, I call up my teammate Kareem Moore and play Halo. When I was in college, I used to spend hours playing Halo, but I have just started to play Madden. Now, I go back and forth between the two. For all the guys who think they can compete in a game of Halo or want to play a game of Madden, my gamer tag is D5block.

Fan question#2: Who was my favorite team before I enter the NFL?
When I first started watching football my favorite NFL team was the Buffalo Bills. I remember 1992 when Buffalo played the Dallas Cowboys and lost 52-17 in the Super Bowl, I will never forget the score. My brother is a huge Cowboys fan and I am a Bills fan, I don’t think my brother will ever let me forget 1992.

Fan question #3: What is my favorite memory as a Redskin so far?
My favorite memory thus far was going out that first game and not knowing I was going to start. I was put in the game because my teammate was sick. I had that kind of special game against my hometown team, and it was amazing. It was exciting to get all those emails, texts, and phone calls asking why I had to do the hometown team like that.

Fan question #5: What has been your favorite moment throughout your career?
My favorite moment in my entire career as a football player was that first Preseason Hall of Fame game. It has been my life’s goal to play in the uniform of a NFL team. I am truly blessed to be a Washington Redskin where our fans are the best and the organization is first class.

Thanks to the Washington Redskin fans and the Chris Horton fans for supporting the website. I look forward to hearing your questions next week. GO ‘SKINS!


Simone said...

Thank you Chris for taking the time to answer our questions. It's much appreciated. Wishing you,the family and the Redskins organization a Happy Thanksgiving.
Let's beat the G-Man as well. You guys can do it.

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