Friday, November 21, 2008

In the Apt.

I hope all my Predator48 fans are doing well today. This is Chris Horton coming to you live from my apartment in Ashburn, VA. This week I wanted to take a different direction with the blog and talk to my fans about my transition from college to the NFL. The biggest difference between college and the NFL for me has been the amount of time I spend at the Redskins facility. I don’t have to deal with school anymore, so the time I used to spend in class is now spent studying film. The only noticeable change on the field is the speed of the game. Besides that, football is football. What has helped me the most from being a 7th round draft pick to becoming a starter for the Redskins has been to continue to go out and give it everything I have on each and every play. Coming into the NFL, being a 7th round draft pick, I didn’t know what the team had in store for me, but I was given the opportunity to play early and I am making the best of it.

To all those college athletes out there, I want to let you know what the most successful tools were for me in college: listening to my coaches, doing things the way they told me to, and putting in that extra effort in the weight room and on the practice field. The advice I would offer to someone coming out of college would be to not worry about your draft number or round. If every scout passed you up, don’t worry about it. All that stuff will take care of itself as long you give it your all when you get that opportunity on pro day, and in camp. The rest will work itself out.

Thanks to the Washington Redskin fans and the Chris Horton fans for supporting the website. I look forward to hearing your questions next week. GO ‘SKINS!


Chris Nelson said...

Good stuff Chris. Even though I'm a Dolphins fan, I love that you're doing this. You're an excellent writer and it's great for fans to read. Keep up the good work!

Kyu Kim said...

Yo Chris, I'm all the out in Paris and still found a way to watch you play through live streams every week. You put that excitement back like Sean Taylor used to bring to the game. Keep it up homie!

Simone said...

Great stuff. Remember Tom Brady? He was a 6th round pick, and he is on his way to be the best QB ever.
Love the fact that you share your story with other college students. Never give up, give it your all and you are on your way.

REDSKINS4LIFE... Now let's beat those Seahawks tomorrow.

cheeseburgler said...

Im soo happy you're doing well with the Redskins. I've been following you since you committed to UCLA. Back then I couldnt even find you on the website(supposed Louisiana scouting website), but I knew someone who could force 14? fumbles in a year even in HS had to be special and would certainly uphold the UCLA tradition of hard hitting safeties. Ive enjoyed watching you play and will continue to do so. Keep on doin what ya doin!

Go Redskins!
Go Bruins!

Anonymous said...

We miss you here at UCLA! Wish you could save our defense but hope things go great with the Redskins. Make the pro bowl and win rookie of the year! woohoo!

Wallace said...


Love the blog, and love what you're doing with the Skins. You're an inspiration to a lot of people. Stay medium, but keep the fire, and don't stop layin' the hurt.

Also, I think you could give Cooley some spelling lessons...

Josh Allen - said...

Chris - you are a most welcome addition to the team and we look forward to watching you hit hard each week. The three of us flew in to Cincinnati last week and it sucked that you were out... the D really could have used you.

We just finished the 150th episode of Harry Hog Football - The Original Redskins Fans Podcast and would LOVE to have you on the show if you would be willing.

At any rate, keep up the great work & we hope to see you in the B & G for years to come.

Josh Allen