Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday November 14th

Phone Interview with the Predator Chris Horton:

First off Chris I want to thank you for your time. Browsing your website I see that you just posted a brand new Limited Edition Predator48 Shirt, tell me about the design…

Well, I think that the whole idea was that something that gave me the name Predator and I just took the name and ran with it, the design of the shirt I just wanted to incorporate my name, face, and number.. and I think they did a great job

That’s great Chris your shirt looks awesome. Well lets get into the questions.

Chris being that this is your rookie season and you already had 9 games, which is basically a full college season. How are you mentally and physically holding up?

Mentally I am doing great.. physically I have had some nicks and bruises but it comes with playing football

Great well that’s good to hear…

So how was your buy week, did you relax, do anything interesting?

Yes, my bye week was great, I went down to NFL Network and took care of some things…got to hang out in LA.. hang out with some friends and check out the UCLA football game

Looking ahead to Sunday, what thoughts are running through your head about your game with the Cowboys?

It’s a division opponent I know it’s going to be a physical game and I am just getting ready..I have to put on my big boy pads and go win a game

Do you have any specific goals?

Number one to win .. whether it be by one or two point .. it doesn’t matter just to win.. for myself to just come out and try to have a perfect game

Does the defense have any priorities?

The number 1 priority is to get off the field and give the ball back to the offense…we know that when we are off the field the offense has more of a chance to score and for us to win the game

Are you extra excited seeing as you are playing a huge division rival and in your first meeting with the Cowboys you had a huge interception and a couple of big hits…

I’m excited more because I get the chance to go show what I can do and it is the Dallas Cowboys a huge rivalry game.. It’s just a chance to strap the pads on again and show everybody what I can do.

Awesome well I know all of your fans are excited and eager to read your weekly blog .. It is also special that you will be answering a couple of fan questions or two every week so lets get into that …

Growing up did you have any specific idols, CB, Safety, or LB idols?

Definitely my biggest idols are Ronnie Lott and Steve Atwater. I just love the way they played the game.

The consensus of Redskins nation is that everybody would have loved to see you play with Sean Taylor. Did you look up to him, and would you have loved to play with him seeing as both of you have such a desire and passion for the game?

It would have been an honor to play with Sean Taylor .. Because he was one of the best safeties out there and I could of learned a lot from him.. I respected him a lot and it would have been great to play with him had I been given the chance.

Well Chris I want to thank you for your time, us redskins fans wish you the best of luck and lets go kill them cowboys…

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randal said...

hey chris, great to have you on our side..relly impressed with your wondering if you guys are preparing for romo playing a different game with his pinkie limiting what he can do..and whats up with c.p.'s knee ? im in cal. and only here espn talk about cowboys...

Tony said...

Hey Chris,

Great to see you doing this for your fans. Tomorrow please shut down Pinky and the Pain. I hope that you guys in the secondary get your hands on a few passes.

Hail to the Redskins

LizKauai said...

Have a great game today, Chris!

Simone said...

Hey Chris...Great Interview capture. Very tough loss to the Cowboys on Sunday. I am very disappointed. I know our team is better than the execution on the offense. Defense did fine. Let's move on and get a win againgst the Seahawks. We seem to play better when we up against the wall.

Simone said...

Could not find the comment section on your website. only here under the blog section. My question for Chris was, What pro football team was he routing for before he became a Redskins (B&G)?

Anonymous said...

I am reading this article second time today, you have to be more careful with content leakers. If I will fount it again I will send you a link